Using a camera should be simple.

You pick the camera up, find a subject, look through the lens and push the button.

David had seen Kelly take pictures hundreds of times but this time Kelly decided she wanted to be in the picture.


Perhaps David was nervous about holding the camera and wanted a firm foundation for the camera.

Maybe he had a foot fetish.

For twenty minutes David moved the camera about on the ground while Kelly posed in front of the Parroquia.

He had to get on his hands and knees to see through the lens finder and couldn’t locate Kelly in it.

Kelly was not happy with David. He had been retired for two years and still hadn’t found a hobby.

She just crossed photography off the list.


Maybe if she took picture of him he could figure it out.

He was a CFO of a large corporation but in retired was NFG at anything.

She sighed.  Men are so useless.