It is not about drugs in San Miguel.

It is about local women such as this one who is responsible for the Gang Silliness you will find on las esquinas* in San Miguel.

You can’t join the Parasol Gang if you can’t find a parasol.

Parasols are not able to be brought on planes as Carry On and most are too big to carry in your suitcase.

You can only get a parasol then if you find a Local Parasol Dealer to supply your with you Parasol.

This Local Parasol Dealer has no shame. She deals right on the street.

Up and down she parades, parasols in hand, looking for women with that Parasol Hunger Look that she knows guarantees a sale.

Some husband tonight is going to see his wife walk in the door with a new parasol and now she is back on the Parasol again.

*Spanish Word