People are going to get upset with disclosure of this gang,  because dogs hold a special place in San Miguel.

Dogs are a woman’s best friend valued often, more than a husband.

No matter how you feel about dogs, you have to give credit to those who have used their dogs after their passing so that they remain close to them.

Walking Rosie

Eileen and Rosie had a bond for 13 years. When Rosie passed to the other side, Eileen couldn’t let her go.  She knew she would miss the warmth of  Rosie snuggled beside her and that useless electric heater.

She knew she shouldn’t do it but winter can be cold in San Miguel and life without Rosie would be empty.  So she used Rosie to provide physical comfort when she was no longer there for  emotional comfort.

Rosie sits around her shoulders and that warmth on a cold winter day keeps Eileen’s cold heart warm.

Walking Sparky

Andrew took a leaf from Nancy Sinatra’s Iconic Song These Boots are Made for Walking and let his late pet Sparky take him walking.

The tears are no doubt flowing for Andrew as Sparky, under foot again, treads the calles of San Miguel making Andrew veer towards every tree on the road.

With each step he can almost hear that little woof again


Speaking to Dearly Departed

Diane has a new spin on an old theme. She had to wait until her 7th Chihuahua Paucito died to have enough Chihuahuas for her new winter coat.

All her babies now keep her warm and she can be heard mummering special things into her chest to her long-lost friends.

Then there is the Poodle Purse, that Afghan Afghan and Daschund Knee Brace.