I finally found the shop where the Nuns sells cookies.

Being a Protestant raised boy, I am scared by Catholicism.

Even Episcopalians scare me. Well the word scares me more. In Canada we call them Anglicans which is less scary.

My desire for Nun Cookies outweighed my fear of Catholicism today.

So I bought me some cookies from the Nuns.

I don’t know if they are blessed or no or if they are Catholic Communion Cookies.

Not sure how Catholics use Nun Cookies but I bet there is some kneeling involved.

I put them on the bench in case there is some Catholic curse on Nun Cookies bought by a little Protestant boy.


As my courage grew, I walked back to look at them.

They look like Protestant Cookies.
My friends know I like a practical joke so I took this picture to prove that they are Nun Cookies.


I put them on a plate in the kitchen and went outside for a while.

I was still scared that I had done something wrong.

When I came back they had rearranged themselves like this.

I think it is a Nun.

Another Miracle in San Miguel – this time a Catholic Miracle.