Remember the enthusiasm of Mickey Rooney when he got the gang together to put on a play in his dad’s barn. Enthusiasm like that doesn’t die. It might go underground for a few years while economic issues dominate but it will emerge in later life and become the driving force behind Local Theatre. Christopher Guest produced, wrote and acted in a wonderful movie Waiting for Guffman that deconstructs local theatre.

Well Judy and Mickey retired to San Miguel and the Barn appears to be St. Paul’s church although there are several other venues in towns where Amateur Night can take place.

  • 18th Play Reading. 7:30 PM. “The Zoo Story”. St. Paul’s Parish Hall, Calle Cardo 6.
  • There’s an amateur theater group called “Players Workshop” performing two seasons per year. The plays they put on stage have a high quality, and delight the public.
  • The power of a glimpse of lingerie
    By Gerry Camp June 6, 2008 San Miguel de Allende

    Playreaders Theater
    The Underpants
    Wed & Thur, June 18 & 19, 7pm
    St. Paul’s Church
    Cardo 6
    20 pesos

  • Plays of love and compassion
    By Dean TaylorTheater
    “Compassion” and “The Loner”
    Wed–Sat Apr 9–12, 8pm
    Sun, Apr 13, 5pm
    Teatro Santa Ana
    Biblioteca Pública
    Reloj 50A
    80 pesos

What fun.