It matters not what you do in San Miguel because it will be rewarded with a San Miguel Clap.

Generally it is polite, one hand held stable while the other gently touches the other.

What is with the constant clapping?  Why most every effort by people be rewarded with a clap?  Every reality TV, game and interview show seems to be a continuous moment of ovation.

And it gets worse in San Miguel.  Not only is there the San Miguel Clap there is also the San Miguel Standing Ovation.  I have yet to attend a performance in San Miguel in which the artists was not awarded a Standing Ovation.  Sitting there among a pool of Standing Clapping Fools makes you feel like a midget – albeit a smart midget with taste.

The San Miguel Clap and the Standing Ovation comes from the inability to make judgments.   To say something is good or bad requires having criteria against which to compare.  If every effort a child makes is rewarded, then the child never learns to evaluate their actions.  They begin to believe that everything they do is wonderful.  This is no different than constant criticism in which a child believes nothing they do matters.

Folks – some of the artistic work in San Miguel sucks.   As long as you keep clapping and standing you are going to have sit there and listen tio or watch BAD ART.  Of course if you have no standards, there is no BAD ART.   But without BAD ART there can’t be GOOD ART.

What is he talking about Harry?   Give me a hug.  Every one in San MIguel is wonderful and amazing.  I just love living here.