There are several posts on The Rosca de Reyes and the birth of Miracle Babies.

Surfing the net Mary came upon a picture that shocked her.

She had never given much thought to where the Miracles Babies came from in the Rosca de Reyes. Her parents never had that talk to her about where babies come from so what she knew about that subject was learned in the streets. She had discounted the Stock Story early, because of logistics, much the same way that the Santa Story didn’t work. She had heard disgusting stories from girlfriends about making babies but knew in her heart that Daddy wouldn’t do that. So she had put all thoughts out of her head until that day when she had her special Babies.

When she found the picture above she remembered another painting she had seeen years ago.

She now knew where babies came from and realized she had seen the face of God

Cruise Update

I am not in San Miguel.  I haven’t been in San Miguel since June 30.

Today I am in Beijing getting ready to board the Diamond Princess