Full Pelt Fox Wrap

My grandmother wore one of these full fox pelt wraps.

Imagine the effect that looking up at your grandmother and seeing a fox around her neck would have on an imaginative young child.

You were not sure if the fox, and I do believe it was foxes, were dead or not and that at any minute you would watch your grandmother die at the mouths and claws of these currently stilled creatures.

You would look away but then look back because you didn’t want to miss any of the struggle you knew your grandmother was about to face.

What kind of grandmother and I know mine was not alone, would deliberately wear fur in front of an impressionable child.

I do believe that PETA was formed by individuals who grandmother’s owned full fox pelt wraps.

Leopard on My Back

You can imagine my terror in San Miguel when this woman walked by.

All those feelings about my grandmother and her death by tiny foxes surfaced again.

I was prepared to see the leopard come alive and eat this poor woman right in front of me in the Jardin.

I tried to look away but could not.

It was going to be Siegfried and Roy all over again.

Still Alive

I didn’t happen that day.

But I know in my heart that it will happen another day and now I am scared of the Jardin