Not everyone in San Miguel wears rugs.  Not everyone in San Miguel is retired.  Not everyone in San Miguel is happy.

This is a book is about an expat who lived in San Miguel,  didn’t wear rugs nor do all the silly things I write about in my blog.  He actually spent time getting to know the people who live in San Miguel – the ‘real’ sanmiguelense.

I enjoyed this book for several reason.  First is it about San Miguel.  As you read and see a reference to the Blue Door Bakery, you are taken back to San Miguel and walking past the Blue Door Bakery.   The references are those places, those who live in San Miguel, know or knew.

Secondly it is about a part of San Miguel that I had seen from afar,  heard about but had never experienced.  Most of the people in the book are wrestling with real issues and not pretending they are living in Paradise surrounded by infantilized  Mexicans.

Thirdly I laughed as I read parts, in particular the conejo story.

However this is not Guide Book about San Miguel.  It is about ‘real’ people who live there from the perspective on someone who ‘went native’.  He actually learned to speak Spanish and had Mexican girlfriends.

What I found the most interesting is that Rick was as lost in San Miguel as all those souls who come to San Miguel to find meaning but that he found it in a different way.  He didn’t decorate, or take up art, or play golf or become a social slut, however he did find something.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to know about the ‘real’ San Miguel and not the San Miguel created by those who wear rugs, live in big houses and hire the ‘real’ people.

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