I was alerted in October to this on the Civil List sent by a spy

Famous actress coming to SMA

A very well known Academy-award winning Hollywood actress is coming to visit San Miguel. She will be staying outside of town at a hacienda so she can rest and get a break from her stressful schedule. We are good friends and I will be showing her around the city. She is instantly recognizable. I’ve told her that people here are sophisticated and will not bother her for autographs or try to talk with her while we are out having dinner or sightseeing. She needs to relax and I told her she could do that here in SMA. I am writing this to let people know she will be here and to ask that you please respect her privacy.

Then I find that  Martha Stewart is/was in San Miguel.  I can’t bear to see all those Day of the Dead center pieces at dinner parties.  It was the final straw –  Martha Stewart and some famous actress in San Miguel or people simply pretending to be them.

That all folks, for now.

I have decided not to go back to San Miguel this winter. Well let’s say I haven’t committed to going back to San Miguel this winter. I have no rental lined up. I have decided to be a real snow bird and stay in the snow.  Yeah right my friends are saying.

San Miguel was taking up more and more of my life and with that came the cost that I was losing my life in Toronto. It is hard to balance living in two places but my real life is in Toronto.

I have 67 posts left that I could still do but there is a time when you say “Enough” and give up something that has been a lot of fun.

I have been doing the blog for almost three years.  There were 407 posts, 1056 comments and 278,000 hits and along the way I met some wonderful people through this blog and in particular some wonderful bloggers (Michael, Jennifer, Elliott, Babs, Billie, Todd and Deb) and read some great blogs about Mexico.  It is hard to stop but I want to be like Mary Tyler Moore and leave the show while it is still good.