This morning, less than 13 hours after arriving, I hied myself down to the Jardin to see what was new.  

 I don’t why I expected that much had change, but I had hope.

 I had been sitting for no less than seven minutes when I spied my first clown.

She walked right past me as I sat on the iron benches walking a dog.

For a minute I restrained myself. But the restraint didn’t last long. My evil hand was reaching into my pants pocket to retrieve the camera. Three snaps. The best was the last.

Time are tough I noticed.  She hadn’t bothered to dress the dog in anything.  Guess she is a selfish clown and does care much about how her dog might feel being walked by a clown.

Poor little creature I thought.  Bad enough to have a clown as an owner but not to be included in the fun is unspeakable.