Richard's Stigmata

The day after my post on the clown pants lady I looked at my hands and noticed that there was a wound on my hand.

I didn’t remember scraping my hand against anything although my first night here I forgot to leave a light on and when I tried to go to the bathroom I did bump into a few things before I found the lights.

I googled my wound on hand and the first entry was Stigmata.


I have learned in San Miguel that facts should never get in the way of a good story. My wound is only on one hand and not on my palms but I do believe it is stigmata.

Google also told me that some people self inflict the wounds but I attest to the fact that I am a coward and would never wound myself even though I have found that my words have wounded people like Ms Clown Pants.

I am going to stay up late tonight as I read this

Some stigmata have unusual shapes, such as a cross or a circle, and some even glow in the dark. Many of them also produce a pleasant perfume-like odor.

I do hope my hands glow as that would be fun at a party.

More research showed me that

All 32 or so recorded cases of stigmata have been Roman Catholics and all but four of those cases were women. No case of stigmata is known to have occurred before the thirteenth century,* when the crucified Jesus became a standard icon of Christianity in the west. Reasonableness seems to require the non-miraculous explanation.

So I am now the fifth male stigmatee and since I am in San Miguel it is miraculous. Another miracle