Missionary Position Restaurant San Miguel

The Gangs of San Miguel are obsessed with restaurants.

The Civil List abounds with personal reviews of every eating experience in San Miguel. One bad review and you are doomed

Everybody is a critic but that is about to change with a new restaurant that is opening in San Miguel.

The Missionary Position Restaurant

A New Concept in Dining

Salida a Celaya #45

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

415 152 3367

Closed Sundays

A bit about us

We are Missionaries.

Over the years we have tried many ways to gather the flock. Few have worked until we decided instead of going to you, we would have you come to us.

In San Miguel the idea was simple – open a restaurant in San Miguel. Everyone will come at least once so that they have something to talk about. So come and be saved.

Sample Menu

Jumping Jesus Chili

A little hamburger, a few beans, some holy chili powder and we will have you jumping for Jesus.


Celibate Hot Dogs

Virginity pledges are too late in San Miguel so we offer you hot dog that has never been touched by human hands.

So single women of San Miguel, come and enjoy a delicious completely celibate hot dog. Sin without the guilt


Holy Tortillas
Each of tortillas comes with the face of a holy person. Our most popular is the Virgin de Guadaloupe tortilla but give us advance notice and we can come up with the holy person of your choice on your very own tortilla


Other features in the restaurant

  • Strolling Evangelicals
  • Speaking in tongues waiters (English and Spanish
  • Confessional stalls for praying or eating
  • Free Bible with any order over 100 $ pesos


Soul Food

When say Soul Food, we mean it.
Review us at the risk of your soul