Expat Line Up

What is there about a line up that attracts attention.

Is it the belief that people only line up for something good or to see something really bad?

Are lineups simply a way to avoid decision making and go with what others have already decided is worthwhile?

To me lineups are a signal to avoid something but I am alone. Today was different. I had to find out for what made a group of expats gather.

It didn’t take long to find out

Puppy Love

I should have known.

It was Love for Sale.

The SPA was selling Puppy Love and Cat Disdain.

It was Rescue Day in the Jardin.

Expats are lonely. They have left their own country and moved to another country. They have built lie up lie to make themselves more interesting and yet deep down they want to be loved.

No wonder they line up to touch a small animal. You don’t have to impress a dog and cats could care less for you. For a moment, today lonely expats felt connected and could gush to each other about this or that animal could sense in them.

Poor little dogs and cats. I wonder if they know what is about to befall them. Some needy expat is going to adopt them and focus all their love on them and parade them about as Little Rescued Souls when all the animal wants to do is sniff another dog or sleep in the sun.

Who is really being rescued here?