Every expat in San Miguel has a maid and usually a gardener.

They work one to six days a week – cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and tidying up. Stay in San Miguel for more than a year and all your household skills disappear and you become quite useless.

My favorite line the other day was when someone said

“They are so rich, even their maids speak english.”

Feather Duster

There is also a lot of unemployment and underemployment in Mexico. Couple that with the Giving Back Mentality of Expats and you end up with a win win situations.

Here is a simple duster but it requires a hand and arm to use.

Expats can no longer use their hands after years of being looked after.

Maids and gardeners are too busy to dust sometimes and San Miguel is a desert town and very dusty.

San Miguel Feather Duster Job Fair

Employers in San Miguel

Enter the San Miguel Job Fair and their interesting spin on the old fashioned job fair.

Here a group of Expats are lined up around the Jardin looking for employees.

The potential employees parade their skills around the Jardin and the Expats try to find the perfect duster person for their house.

Feather Duster One

Imagine the joy an expat would feel in having this full-sized duster come into their casa and move lightly around the furniture and rooms with his full-sized duster.

In a matter of minutes a room is free of dust.  Someone has been employed and the expat has Given Back (read spent money).


Multi Functional Dusters

There is not just one type of duster but a full range of fully functional dusters.

Look at all the possibilities you are given in San Miguel.


The Dark Duster

If you are in a dark mood you can even get the Dark Duster to come to your house.

He will remove dust and create a very melancholic mood that is just perfect for any single woman who has given up on love.