I have always wondered why people wear T shirts with messages. Perhaps this explains it a bit.

Political T-shirts: Politics is about your life, the future of the planet and of our children. Participate, don’t let the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Koch brothers poison the debate. The mainstream media has no right to have a monopoly over your mind. You may not have a media empire like Murdoch but you can still get your message across on political T-shirts. A good slogan on a t-shirt sends a powerful message to passers-by. Our t-shirt slogans are the antidote to the lies and distortions of the right-wing media.

Okay that might explain some of the T shirts I see. But what about this

But why do people walk around with T shirts with messages like this?

Do they actually work as the above political T shirt statement suggests?


The problem is not really the T shirt but the fall-out that occurs when these T shirts make their way to Mexico and in San Miguel into the Tuesday market.

For a few pesos you can buy a formerly loved T shirt and wear it around town.

The problem is that you haven’t a clue what it says but Expats do.  In fact they get so excited when they see English.


Behold the Fall-Out

And my favorite T Shirt