Baby Jesus on the Bus To San Miguel

I have a confession to make.

I have always wanted my own Baby Jesus but they were so expensive to buy.

Today in Dolores Hildalgo I found a cheap plastic Baby Jesus with moveable arms. I knew I had to buy him.

You might well ask why would a grown man want his own Baby Jesus.

Walking Mary

The answer is simple.

It seems that in San Miguel everyone has their own religious statue.

Here people are unloading Mary I think.

I grew up a Protestant. We didn’t have many statues in our church. In fact we didn’t have any. I didn’t even know, about the Virgin Mary until much later in life . To me she was one of the characters in the Navitity Scenes at Christmas but I didn’t realize how important she was in the Catholic Church.

Then I learned about Saints. I knew they existed, as Quebec named everywhere after a St. or a Ste.  Something but I hadn’t thought much about it.

When I came to Mexico five years ago I learned about the Virgin of Guadaloupe. Then I watched all these statues of Saints being paraded about San Miguel on litters and felt very Protestant.

So I had to get me my own little Statue and being a good little Protestant and knowing that there were no statues of God, I settled for the Jesus. I chose Baby Jesus because he was easy to carry around in my backpack.

So be prepared for a series of posts on Walking Baby Jesus.

I know I am going to Catholic Hell but hey I am a protestant well not really.

Baby Jesus Likes The Bus