I am Canadian.

Toller Cranston is Canadian.

Therefore I know Toller Cranston.

Toller is one of the many famous people in San Miguel. I would go so further to say one of the most famous.

If you come back from San Miguel with no Toller Cranston story you might as well not have gone.

I was at a  house where the landlady came to visit. It took no more than ten minutes to tell us she was staying with Toller Cranston. It took no more than three second for my host to ask “Did Toller say xxx?”

Seems that everyone in San Miguel has met Toller Cranston except me.

I have been told that I should knock on his door and say I am a Canadian because he likes Canadians.

But I am only one degree of separation from Toller Cranston. Some day I will be no degrees and I can then say I know Toller Cranston.  Until then, I will walk past his house near Parque Juarez and pretend I know Toller Cranston.