The Flying Nun

Inspiration for new Gangs in San Miguel more often than not come one’s past and from memories of youth.

Who can forget Sally Field as the Flying Nun?

Come to think of it, not sure why she could fly nor how you could build a whole series around either a nun or someone who could fly and even worse both. But on second thought, life in San Miguel have been built around even less.

The Flying Nun of San Miguel

Here is the Flying Nun of San Miguel walking down the street.

She has not quite mastered the flying part nor the nun part but she did find a hat in the Mercado.

Every day, she hopes the Magic of San Miguel will work and she will be lifted off the ground.

Lift Off

Today she is trying a new technique to achieve lift off. She is putting down her shopping bag because she thinks it is weighing her down.

It is not going to work because she hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact that Sally Field was not really a nun nor could she fly.

But dreams are what keeps San Miguel so magical. So every day, she will put on her Flying Nun hat and hope that today will be that day where she becomes famous.