You won’t be in San Miguel for more than day before you have your first snicker.  One minute you are looking at a church and then, walking before your eyes, will be some expat dressed like a cartoon character, or an artist or a pirate and  from  a place deep within you where snickers start you experience your first San Miguel Snicker(SMS).  Your hand rushes to your mouth to conceal the snicker but you know you snickered and actually anyone who saw the same thing, will know you snickered.  And if you both snickered you will experience what is called  Double San Miguel Snicker and will have developed a bond with someone that it is indeed magical.

Now the snicker is a tricky thing.  A snicker to one person is a cry for help to another.  Here are four potential San Miguel Snickers.  This is a test of your Snicker Sensibility.


Snicker Test

Which picture or pictures made you snicker and which picture or pictures made you squirm.

Snicker 1 Cowboy hat and shorts that are a bit tight

Snicker 2 Ski poles in the Jardin

Snicker 3 Pole dancer resting – hat and skirt match

Snicker 4 Gay man and dog

The most problematic are Snicker 2 and 4.  If you see a handicapped woman in Snicker 2 then you squirmed and would be offended by a snicker.  If you see homophobia in Snicker 4 then you would be offended by a snicker.

If you have no sense of humor you are offended by any snicker, ever, at anytime, anywhere, by anyone except by a dog..

Now the following picture is really problematic.  Is this a San Miguel Snicker? Or is it simply being cruel. In other words is it a San Miguel Squirm The lesson is, that snickers often lead to moral conflicts.  One man’s snicker is another man’s issue.  At what point is a picture a taunt?


The Dilemma

San Miguel is a moral landmine for those given to snickers.  Every snicker will offend someone.


Snicker or Squirm 1

This is the San Miguel equivalent to driving a Corvette.  For some women a man with a big camera is sexy.


Snicker of Squirm 2


Snicker or Squirm 3


Snicker or Squirm 4


Snicker or Squirm 5


So send me your snicker shots.