It all began with the Aztec God Tlaloc.

Tlaloc was an important deity of rain and fertility of the Aztec mythology. Aztec people were living in Mexico during the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Tlaloc was pictured as a man wearing a net of clouds, a crown of heron feathers, foam sandals and carrying rattles to make thunder. Tlaloc brought on great wrath upon the Aztec people. He often used his lightning bolts to make the people sick. It is said that he had four different jugs of water in his possession. When he emptied the first one, it brought life to plants. The second would cause blight, the third brought on frost, and the fourth would bring total destruction by allowing foreigners to buy real estate in Mexico.

So behind the running joke in San Miguel that you come on a holiday to San Miguel and within a week have purchased a home there – is the God Tlaloc. He works in strange way. This sign has again been translated by a Level 1 Warren Hardy graduate

There are temples to Tlaloc called them Bienes Raices. Since he is such a powerful god in San Miguel he has many temples. Here are some signs that can point you to him.

To disguise their real purpose Bienes Raices are often combined with other business opportunities such as Real Estate and Ice Cream, or Real Estate and Jewelry or Real Estate and Salsa Dancing or Real Estate and Knives.

But Tlaloc is a clever God and knows the heart of all foreigners. This statement found on a real estate site reveals why foreigners really buy real estate.

Your investment is secure, because the properties increase their value a minimum of 20 % every year. Real Estate in San Miguel is a Real Solid business!

Who can resist the lure of San Miguel, safe in the knowledge that you can’t lose.