Two years ago when I decided I wanted to become an artist, I made a shocking discovery when I went to buy art supplies – the owner of the store didn’t speak English.

I suddenly understood the truth behind the Tower of Babel and got very angry.  I believed that everyone could speak English as some intuitive language but here facing me, was a store owner who didn’t understand a word I was saying.  It was so strange as I knew so many people in San Miguel who can’t speak a word of Spanish yet manage to live here.  The difference, I guess is that  they aren’t painters like I am and out in the world getting material(s) for art.  What choice did I have but to take Spanish lessons.

This journey has led me to today when I started Level 4 at Warren Hardy Spanish School.   As always happens in San Miguel we all clapped to honor the fact we had finished three levels.  I am learning that every achievement in San Miguel is greeted with applause as well it should be, particularly those who are learning Spanish.  We are providing a needed service to Mexicans.

I am quite excited by the idea of becoming bisexual and dreaming in Spanish although the Three Levels I have traveled through have not left me with Spanish Dreams nor many Spanish words.  But now that I am in Level Four I am the envy of all my uni-sexual friends.  They think I can speak Spanish and I am not about to disabuse them of this.

I walk about with this book facing people and say

Oh I am taking Level Four call me Ricardo.

But my great excitement and fear was at the beginning of the course when Warren came in and said that we will learning the subjunctive which is about fantasy and what might never happen and politeness. When he said that I realize that for three weeks I will be Living in the Subjunctive which is quite similar to living in San Miguel. Nothing is very real but always so polite. Let’s have a little clap for that.

So stayed tuned as I become fully bisexual.