I am having trouble paying attention in class. The teacher keeps speaking in tongues and I haven’t a clue what she is saying. My mind wanders and I wait for her religious experience to pass and for her to start speaking English again.

Today she had very long religious experience about Candalaria and Jesus so I started to look around the classroom at my classmates and noticed that everyone but me had a notebook. Not only that they were writing in the notebook.

I peeked over someone’s shoulder to see what they were writing and lo and behold it was foreign words. Not only can you speak in foreign tongues but you can also write in them.

I hadn’t expected that in addition to Spanish, there would be a religious component too. Then out of the blue she says in English (meaning the religious moment had passed) I am going to teach you

May God grant you …..

And that wasn’t enough, she made me make up sentences in English that start with May God grant you. All I could think of was a new car or maybe and end to that itch I have. I am beginning to suspect that this is not a Spanish class but a cult.

Well, I will have to see in the next class what new religious experience I will have to endure but in the meantime I am going to have to buy a notebook and figure out what to put in there in case she collects them and grades them.

Maybe I could get Gwen to draw few things in there. I am also going to google some saints and write their names in. The good thing is that the notebook will stop my mind from wandering so much. Perhaps I should make the notes before class. Lets see two eggs is dos hueovos, sel, pimentos….