My plate is quite full this year – doing art and mastering spanish but I think I need to fill it even fuller. On Saturday, I was invited along with 723 people to Anado McLauchlin‘s opening of the Chapel of Jimmy Ray outside of San Miguel.

I think I need to Become Anado McLauchlin but he scares me for several reasons. First he doesn’t wear a beret. In fact he looks more like an member of ZZ Top than an artist. I don’t think I could grow that much hair but I am going to try. Secondly he actually sells art. I know people in San Miguel who own his art and have shown it to me.

Then there is his art. It doesn’t look like art. I saw dolls, tiles, wine bottles, beads, fingers, hands, tiny doors in his art. He doesn’t seem to draw but I am sure he does if he calls himself an artist.


Let me give you an idea from this picture. This building is beside the Chapel of Jimmy Ray. Oh yes, it didn’t seem to be a church but a building full of Anado’s his art and another guy who had taken pictures of naked people in strange places
I saw a line up to climb the stairs into this structure. Of course I climbed the stairs and found a composting toilet – well two to be exact. I never knew an outhouse could be art. See why this man is so scary. Yesterday I bought some magic markers and had Gwen draw something on one of the toilets in my place and I signed it.

But the scariest part was all the people who came to his opening.
I knew things weren’t quite right as we headed out to the Chapel of Jimmy Ray with my new girlfriends.

Here in front of us where two American gals in the back of a truck. Now American women don’t get in the back of a truck willingly unless something important requires them to. I just knew these gals were headed to Anado’s.

In fact when we got there Sophie (more about her in another post) asked them why they were in the back of a truck and they made some excuse about the front being full and good manners and guests but I know the real reason was that Anado asked them to.

To get to the Chapel of Jimmy Ray who have to go through this crowded arch.

See even the arch is Art and look at the line-up to see Anado’s art. That man is a genius.


But it gets scarier. This picture looks just like a group of people looking at art on the path to the Chapel.

But look more carefully between the branches of the tree.
Yes… someone was dressed really weird in the crowd.

Not only that there were lots of people dressed really weird. Now to say someone is dressed really weird in San Miguel is quite a stretch but these people were really weird. I watched Anado and he didn’t seem to notice. Not only did they dress weirdly, they were acting weird too. One girl in white lay on on the ground and writhed a bit.

Some girl was walking around holding a styrofoam head.

And these ladies found it weird too as they took her picture.

I guess I have a long way to go to Becoming Anado McLauchlin. I have to grow my hair, find some little used dolls, marry a man, drink a lot of wine to get some wine bottles, move to the country, find weirder people. This is going to be a lot of work