Spanish is becoming easier.

You just add


To something and it becomes a store.

See Laundry and Lavanaderia.  This is a bisexual sign.


Some words in Spanish are the same in English.

So you know what you can get in this store


This one is really easy.

They sell perfume.


This one was a bit harder.

You have to know what Pollo means in Spanish.

I know Pollo Feliz was were you buy chickens and I know Felix is part of a Christmas greeting so Pollo must mean chicken.


Okay time for a Test.

Can you figure out what this store does?

Too easy?
This one is really hard?


What is a Lenca?

Why isn’t is a Lingeria?  Why change a perfectly good word?

Oh well I did look in the window and figured it out.

This store was a really eye opener.

I translated this as   toileteria.

I went inside and was surprised to see plumbing fixtures I had never seen anywhere before.

Then I saw them wrapping up something up that came out of the plumbing fixtures and was shocked.

Who would buy that stuff? It looked like those things they wrap food in.

Not going to eat any more of those things.