There are two reasons to put your hand up – well three
1. To ask a question
2. To answer a question
3. To get permission to go to the bathroom.

Now the question is “Do these rules, apply when you are an adult”. In my class the answer is no. We pee at will and ask unprompted, any question we have.

Today I began to wonder where my classmates get these questions? What makes them so curious.  Then I looked about the classroom eight woman and three males and not a single man had ever asked a question.

It must be their brains that make then ask those questions.

See Male brain.. no verbal things.

Seems we are just sitting there thinking of sports and sex.


But look at women’s brains.

See how big the talking skills are.

I remember when I was in the lower levels being told to get into my Spanish Mind but I don’t see it on those diagrams.

No wonder I don’t have any questions.