I was sitting in the Jardin when my girlfriend Sophie as a joke (she is zo zany) said she was going to draw angel wings on my hand.

She got out her pen and moved it to my hand when I got one of those brilliant thoughts that only creative artists have.
My Liverpots as Art

The Pen, my liverspots, join the dot and voila (that is french) I had my inspiration for my new art theme.

Liverspot Art

Here I am in a town full of liverspots. They are a virtual canvas for me.

So I started with my own hand and look at what I created.

So I began to look for other life models for my art and all I had to do was turn beside me and there was a model.

She got a bit upset because I was drawing on her hand and Sophie had to hold her down but we got a great picture.

Well once Sophie gets into holding people down, there is no stopping her so I was busy all afternoon doing Liverspot Art.

I will be having an showing March 3, at 23 Recreo in the Art Spotte Gallery from 7:00 to 8:00. Please come