I do believe that everyone has a creative spirit. It only needs be awakened.

Today I was walking along Hernandez Macias and coming towards me, on the other side of the street was a walking piece of art.

This man is brilliant.

He has combined Art, an Artist’s name, Performance Art, a bedazzler and created something quite wonderful and unique.

I did wonder however, what he would do if his favorite artist had been Michangelo.

And I also wondered if he had a fascination with four letter word artists.

So I looked up Four Letter Artists. Haven’t a clue who any of these people are but my Dali friend, no doubt, has lots of T Shirt possibilities. I would,however, caution him on the last one.

Herb Aach (1923–1985)
Pacita Abad (1946–2004)
Josef Abel (1768–1818)
Bapu (born 1933)
Henry Lamb (1883–1960)
Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641)