Every so often and it might be on a regular basis, a group of people meet in the Jardin for a Walking Tour of San Miguel. Someone is appointed a guide and makes the rest of the people follow him/her through Centro as she/he points out landmarks and tells about the history of San Miguel.

The fun thing about this Walking Tour is every time you get a different guide and every time he/she creates a different story about the landmarks of the city. There appears to be little agreement on the actual historical events that have occurred in San Miguel. Some people say that Allende was an itinerant tortilla seller, others say he was born in Mexico and lived at the corner of Umuran and some street and was a bit of a recluse. There are so many stories and not one of them is identical. The purpose of this and subsequent posts is to give you one of these stories

Today we start with the Big Buildings in San Miguel that have Bells.

Before Loudspeakers and Bullhorns, people used Bells to get people’s attention.

See the Bell on this Big Building. All the Big Buildings we are going to see today have Bells.

You can still hear remnants of these Bells today although they don’t mean anything. Well the Bells in one Big Building do. Every so often, depending on their moods, some miscreant in the Big Building runs to the Bell Tower to ring the Bell while the other miscreants run outside to see how people are going to react.

The fun part is always watching people look at their watches, because they believe the Bell is rung to signal time.

Each Big Building has seats inside where the miscreants sit and wait until they feel it is time to ring the bells.

In Olden Times, these seats were used like park benches when it was really cold outside and the Bells were rung like our Weather Reports. Two rings meant cloudy. Three Rings meant rain. Four Rings means chance of Thundershowers etc…
This Big Building is called Big Building Two.

It kinda looks like the other Big Buildings and the insides look about the same.

No one really knows why there are so many Big Buildings all built close to each other.

This man was the CEO of the big buildings several centuries ago. You can tell by the old-fashioned clothes he wears. Although the other day I saw a picture of someone who looked an awful like this man who was coming to Guanajuato in March. Maybe it is a costume all CEOs wear.
Here is another Big Building.
This town is just one Big Building after another but I don’t see any Se Vendre signs on them.

Okay this is the last Big Building on the Tour.

The doors are usually opening and you can go inside. Last time I looked in there was a sing-song or something going on.

Some guy in old-time clothes was at the front and every one else was standing, or sitting or kneeling and singing something.

I have noticed that they are busiest on Sunday so if you want to get a seat to the Sing Song, you might have to choose another day