Whoever is in charge of Publicity for San Miguel has for the past few years been given a gold mine.

Look at these three photos. They are in order.

The last photo is the Mayor of San Miguel – Lucy Nunez. Sra Nunez knows the value of publicity to get Tourists to come to her City of San Miguel.

Everyone who goes to Buenos Aires visits the Casa Rosado and hopes that someone, anyone, comes out on the Balcony and waves or hoping against hope they sing.

The problem in San Miguel is copyright.
Someone has already stolen the name Casa Rosada and turned it into a hotel.

Well San Miguel has a Balcony just like Buenos Aires.
The Balcony is attached to the Casa Cafe (because Casa Rosada is taken) – the official residence of the Mayor of San Miguel.

Once a day Mayor Nunez comes out onto the Balcony, much like the changing of the guards and sings two songs.

Her Playlist is published in Atencion each Friday.

This week Mayor Nunez will be singing

  1. San Miguel a song popularized by the Kingston Trio (very popular with residents of San Miguel.
  2. Guantanamera… one of the classics.