San Miguel used to run the Bulls in the streets until the Animal Rights people and the World Heritage Site people stopped it.

But other people still expect that kind of excitement so the Tourism Board of SMA are starting a new annual event in San Miguel called

The Running of the Chefs

Chefs, sous chefs, pastry chets, commis, sauciers, executive chefs, garde mangers are rounded up in March in front of the Jardin.

Tourists are given tomatoes.

Then the Chefs are released to run the streets of San Miguel pursued by tomato wielding tourists.

I chased a few line chefs down Umuran but they got away.

The pastry chefs seem to be a bit larger than most of the other chefs so they are easy to catch and pummel.

When the chase is over, the chefs reassemble in the Jardin and the one with the least tomato stains becomes the winner and cooks a meal for the Editor of Atencion and sit in the kitchen of one of the homes on the House and Garden Tour.

Great fun and we all love the fat chefs. So be sure to come next March and support the cooking staff of your favorite restaurant in San Miguel.

There is talk of running Hairstylists, Maids and Police if interest is there.