You can’t be in San Miguel for more than twenty three minutes and not notice this.

Don’t be fooled by simply sitting in the Jardin and looking at it and believing that it is real. If you have ever visited Hollywood sets then you know that there is often nothing behind the facade.

This is simply one of the many sets in San Miguel erected by a Tourist Board that is short of money but eager to amuse Tourists.

If you walk around to the side and look up you will see that is not a full building.  It is only a facade.

It has been used in movies as a church in Saving General Morales, a castle in Last Year in Guanajuato, as a Spanish country home in Themalita and Lousia, as a brothel in Last Mariachi in Celaya, as Tori Spellito’s house in San Miguel de Allende 37700 and the list goes on.

So always walked completely around buildings in San Miguel if you want to know what you are really seeing BUT if you want to keep the Magic alive, then only look at everything front on, particularly The Facelift Gang so you don’t see the three yard of flesh that has been pulled to the back.