The Good Works Gang loves dogs and cats, perhaps even more than people.

They find what we in the rest of North America call Strays and put the word Rescue in front of Dog or Cat and now they have a mission to care for and find homes for them.

As with all charities fund raising is a vital part of providing Rescue and this year the SPA of San Miguel has come up with an unique Fund Raising – Boxed Boys

First they round up stray boys they find in San Miguel.

They are then boxed for two reasons. First it is harder to get away and secondly everyone likes gift wrapping.

Here are three Boxed Boys waiting. Aren’t the boxes clever with little cars on them.

Policemen are hired because Boxed Boys can be unruly.

They think they are cars and ever so often the Police Officer lets them play cars.

Notice they they all have colorful red shirts. Another idea by veteran Gift Wrapper Suzy Michaels.

Tables are set up so that expats can bid on which Boxed Boy they want.

It is made very clear that all money goes to the SPA to help Rescue Cats and Dogs.
Each Boxed Boy is given a number and there is a Silent Auction for the Boxed Boys. The Boxed Boys are soon set free by the bidders as they are quite unruly.

Next week the SPA will be offering Boxed Maids.

This is a very popular event because if they don’t work out you can let them go and avoid any labor laws.

The idea will no doubt expand in future months and become a monthly event in San Miguel