Pre RaptureThe purpose of any Walking Tour of San Miguel is to create the rapture or what Sanmiguelenses call “The Magic”. Rapture is the first step in buying a house here and until it is there, real estate agents have no power. They simply are smiling people through doorways showing pictures of houses outside. Most people will stop, look at a house and say

Who is going to pay that price to live in Mexico.

Once the magic/rapture takes place the whole conversation changes. Now they want to be in San Miguel. They have felt the magic and ‘know’ they belong here but until the rapture occurs there will be no sales.

Post RaptureNow can you spot which individuals in this tour have experienced the rapture. Pay careful attention.

Can you see the subtle changes? The change of hands, the look of rapt attention, the straining to hear, the tingle, the feeling of rapture that is called the Magic of San Miguel

One of those women is a ‘goner’ or a client as the Bienes Raices people would say.