I  have always rented on the fringes of San Miguel but yesterday I moved right into Centro.  Not the fringes of Centro but looking out the window at the Parroquia (more later) as if it is next door.

I am living in Centro.  Yes.. be impressed.  Small town Canadian boy is living in Centro.  No dogs barking and no roosters crowing or whatever they do but there is a downside to living in Centro.

bell segment (1)When we first looked at the place, in Centro, what I saw was the lovely bell tower and that round churchy thing. Little did I know that last night, my first night in Centro that the bells in that tower went off every 15 minutes. Starting at four and it could have been early because I had been sleeping up that point, the bells started to ring every 15 minutes. There are two sets of bells, bell ringing to signify the 15 minute mark and then bells telling you the hour.
4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15… I began to wait for the next quarter hour. Then I realized that my life was being marked off in 15 minutes segments. Is that what living in Centro is like?

What can you do in 15 minutes? I can shower in that time. I can cook breakfast but I can’t paint a masterpiece or write a short story in that time frame. How can I be artistic in 15 minutes segments in Centro? My first challenge living in Centro.

It is not going to be as easy to live in Centro as I thought.