Life is so different living right in Centro.  One of the biggest changes because I live right in Centro is that I am more likely to meet Famous People.
anado and rich2When I first came to winter in San Miguel my Level Two Warren Hardy Spanish partner had a car. One day we drove out to Casa des Aves and went by a house she said was owned by a fabulous artist who had  built the house out of wine bottles and rubble. She said he was on the House and Garden Tour and very, very famous here. I knew I wanted to meet this man she called Anado McLauchlin but never in a million years did I think that moving right into Centro would make this dream come true.

Artists like Anado McLaughlin are hard to meet unless you are on Facebook or live right in Centro.

anado richard bench

Homeless People Surround Blog Writer in Jardin

Last year I almost met him.

I was sitting on a bench in the Jardin when this group of homeless people surrounded me and sat down on either side of me. They were raucous and I sort of thought that the man sitting beside me might be Anado McLauchlin and not a homeless man but I daren’t say anything because I didn’t live in right in Centro at that time and I thought Anado McLauchlin wouldn’t be interested in me. I also was fearful he might be homeless so I sat there quietly.

Then Miracle of Miracles. Anado McLauchlin had an Art Happening in The Bottle and Rubble place he lives and I was invited along with 800 people.

anado richard

Anado McLauchlin and I

Here is a picture of Anado McLauchlin and me at the Art Happening.

Anado  wasn’t who I was expecting.  He wore a wig on and spoke in this quiet little voice.

Now he didn’t know who I was nor that I lived right in Centro but he did pose for a picture.  Actually he posed for pictures with anyone who asked.  He is very kind

I didn’t understand what was happening at his Art Happening as there was some religious chapel place full of strange pictures and some mirrors and pieces of string, and glass beads and everyone looking inside.  Anado didn’t seem to do much other than eat a hamburger and his body double seemed to do all the work. This body double must be important as on the side of this monastery was a picture of Anado and this body double.  See the picture at the top.

Richard anado RichardOne day after I moved right into Centro I was at a party and there was  Anado McLauchlin and his body double.  He must have found out I was living right in Centro and  he was most friendly.  He and the body double surrounded me and were full of great cheer.  Suddenly I was important and knew someone famous and he knew I lived right in Centro.

photo 5But the Magic doesn’t stop there.

I don’t know how it happened or why it happened but a piece of Anado McLauchlin ART appeared in my livingroom in Toronto.  I was always skeptical of the Magic of San Miguel  but when Art of one of the most famous people in San Miguel appeared in my living room in Toronto I was stunned.  Living right in Centro does change your life.

To prove I know him, look at my last post about Bells and see that there is a comment from one of the most famous people in San Miguel.  Now I have to work on meeting Toller Cranston.