Another Miracle in San Miguel.

In San Miguel, there are substantial amounts of what are referred toIMG_3041

Lupita Opens Estrellas

as Rescue Dogs.  It is simply a liberal word to disguise the ugly word – Slave.  Against their will, these dogs are taken from the streets and beside highways and paraded about in Shelters for Masters to “Rescue”. Lupita was once one of those Rescue Dogs.  She spent many years of captivity watching her master mismanage her life, but she was watching and learning many lessons about what Masters or Expats like and don’t like.

One day through the help of the Above Ground Bus Group, Lupita managed to escape her master.  She stayed in a halfway house for Runaway Rescue Dogs and took many courses from the DogPath Center.  Finally with backing from an Animal Rights Activist she started her own business in San Miguel.

Lupita hopes that his will lead the way for other Rescue Dogs to escape the Slavery of Petdom and learn to lead full free lives and never never having to sit on another lap again.

Lupita does thank her master for learning English because she knows that will be essential to open a business her in San Miguel.

Here she stands  outside her store on Hospicio, in one of her smart little outfits she has made in the Campo.  She has great stories to tell about her years of captivity in Atascedero.  So please make your way to Lupita’s Way.

You can always expect a snappy response.