Most little girls, at some point in their life, played with cutout dolls.

Each doll came with paper clothing, that could be cut out and used to dress the paper doll.

There are so many variations to make your cut out doll look attractive.
San Miguel has its own version of the Cut Out Doll because some little girl has grown up and become an Artist.

Here is one version of Mary Lambert’s San Miguel Cut Out Doll clothes – the Adult Male San Miguel Artist.

Notice the funky clothes.

Notice the wild use of color.

Notice nothing matches.  Mary has really captured the local San Miguel Artist Community. Cut Outs are available at Fabrica Aurora.


One of the advantages or disadvantages of living in San Miguel is that that dressmakers are easier to find and inexpensive.  So could if you wished to you could, as this local did and turn fantasy into reality.

Imagine Mary Lambert’s excitement when she found her San Miguel Artists Cut Out had come to life.

Some gentleman had turned her dream into a reality and the clothes came to life.

How many Cut Out Dolls come to life, can you find in San Miguel?  Keep a watch out.