Getting older has it benefits.  Behavior that was not tolerated when you were younger gets excused as

He’s just old.

He doesn’t mean it.

He doesn’t know what he is doing.

I think it is kind of cute.

And then the Mouseketeers appear and he has a moment where he thinks

“Can I get away with this?”

Well to even ask the question implies intent yet you know not all his faculties are working as they aren’t real.

BTW he did, was charged and convicted of misdemeanor batter and forced to write an apology and so 50 hours of community service without using his hands.

In San Miguel de Disney this crime would be an affront to the sensibilities of Magic, the end of Patriarchy, Loneliness and Mickey Mouse.

But surely at some age it doesn’t matter.I was at a dinner party where a gay man disclosed he had never been with nor touched a woman. I turned to the woman beside me and asked if he could cop a feel. She was offended and didn’t allow it. Subsequently I asked many women if they would help this deprived man and most were willing to oblige. I believe the solution here is in the delivery. Asking and taking are two different methods of delivery.

Simply say

I am gay and have never touched a woman’s breast.

It doesn’t have to be true but works a lot more effectively with little social fallout.

So old men of San Miguel, change your approach and you will cop all the feels you want.