I have heard that many people say

I am not on Facebook because I don’t want to know what people had for dinner.

When you press further, you discover that they have never even seen Facebook or even looked at it but they have very strong opinions about something of which they know nothing. I thought about this for a while and began to realize this point of view is rather appealing.

Now what is it that I know nothing about but have a strong opinion about it.

On further thought I realize it works two ways. Negative and Positive Opinions about that which you know nothing about but what you have heard other talk about.

  • I love Oaxaca because of the art and the people but I have never been there.

  • I don’t like anyone in the Tea Party although I don’t know anyone who is a member.

  • I love Rembrandt even though I don’t know he is Dutch or is it Flemish. Doesn’t matter as I love him

  • I don’t like Quentin Tarantino even though I have yet to see any of his films. He simply glorifies violence.

  • I love street food in San Miguel although I never eat it.

This list goes on and on.

Let’s  review Facebook for those of you who have never been on it.

You don’t know this but it is another reason not to be on Facebook – You aren’t given a lot of choices on Facebook.

  • You can post (write words or show your pictures of yourself or others eating dinner)
  • You can comment (write words about what someone has written about dinner or a picture of what they had for dinner)
  • You can tag people that you know or don’t know (Tag means to name the person in the picture eating dinner)


  • And of course you can Like (indicate that you like what they are eating for dinner)

not like

I want this symbol on Facebook to entice those people who hate Facebook but have never seen it.

It us the Not Like Button to show that you don’t like things you know nothing about.

Imagine the rush to join Facebook to show just how much you dislike everything about it.