ImageI have arrived back in San Miguel and in moments joined an old gang – the Cold Gang.

Part of the initiation into this gang is to be able to say

I left central heating for space heating

This is a hard gang to be in as you have to learn the rules of layering.  You start with several pairs of underwear and tshirts.

Then you find some lumberjack shirts, six sweaters and finally a blanket to wrap around you near the space heater.

You then attend classes in cold management and magic.   You are told that good magic requires sacrifice and the first sacrifice you make is giving up warmth for magic. 

You say when you go out

I know its cold but is San Miguel and all this magic makes me warm.

Every day we get together in our Cold Management Course and do what is called Hug Warming and are made to take our gloves off.

We also learn about stone houses and how they keep cold and hot in.  Not sure what that has to do with getting warm but I do believe it has to do with rationalization.

We have been told to drink lots of wine because the cold doesn’t seem so severe.  I am afraid I will pass out and never wake up but I must be strong.

I think I might have to take a Rain Management Course too.

And this is just my first day here in San Miguel.  I will survive.