New Year’s Eve Day was a disappointing day for me.  I met four Facebook Friends I didn’t know. 

ImageSan Miguel has a huge Facebook Family.  Once I got on Facebook, I started to get Friend Requests.   These were people I didn’t know and shamelessly I accepted the Request.  I was lonely.

One day I was on a Friend’s Page and clicked on a name.  The Facebook God suddenly told me that we had 4 Mutual Friends or (Friends with Xxxx).  Xxxx being a Facebook Friend I have beFriended.  I began to realize there was a whole San Miguel Facebook Family out there that of which I was not fully apart. The Facebook God in their desire to bring the Family together said Send Friend Request.  They looked interesting so I sent a Friend Request that they quickly accepted.  Bingo I had a new Friend I didn’t know.  Then some people I didn’t know began to send me Friend Requests.  Now I am not a Facebook Slut.  Some I didn’t accept as they didn’t look too interesting.     

Time passed and my San Miguel Facebook Family grew.  One day I asked a Real and Facebook Slut Friend (this is another Gang where they have over 1000 Facebook Friends),

“Do you know Xxx?”

I had seen this person Liking a Post my Real Friend had done and was intrigued.  They answered

“No I have don’t know them”. 

It was at that moment I knew as I know I was alone.  We were in the Facebook Friends I Don’t Know Gang. 

ImageI liked this Gang.  I like having Friends I don’t know.  They are really no work at all. I know what they look like or looked like.  I know their friends and family and often what they look like or looked like. I have no idea if what they put on Facebook is true or not but since I have never met them, I don’t have to do any work figuring out if it true or not.  I read their posts containing quotes from people they think are speaking their truth and can snicker away.  They are the best Friends in the world – no work Friends.  Depending on their Privacy Settings their Friends can comment on my posts and like my posts.  So I have a whole group of Semi Friends known as Friends of Xxxx.  I can look at their posts and decide if they are interesting or not. We comment on each other posts.  We are the best of Friends

ImageAnd yesterday that was spoiled.  I met four of my Facebook Friends I Don’t Know.  We are no longer in that Gang together.  We have moved from Facebook to the real world.  I didn’t want that to happen.

Now they have met me,  They have found out that all the pictures I posted were 15 pounds ago (in the wrong direction) and several years ago.  They could ask me direct questions and were limited to their ability to type quickly.  They had no time to edit what they were saying.   I found out things I would never  have found out on Facebook such as one Friend only sleeps 3 hours a day.  Previously I thought she was a normal sleeper.  What do I do with this information.  Another Friend likes to Farm Organically.  I had to pretend interest in things Organic.  She had no idea of my fear of the Saturday Organic Market here in San Miguel.  I have kept that secret from Facebook.

My whole Facebook World began to unravel.  Now what do I do.  They can ask me “Did you read my post on xxx?”  I have to lie.  I can no longer pass them on the street and have that “I know you from somewhere look”.  I have to stop and talk to them about things I can’t control.  This is terrible.  I left a Gang I loved to be part of the real world.  This isn’t supposed to happen.  I hate reality.


Some terms for those who aren’t on Facebook (hint – join it and be my Non Friend)


Friends are people you connect and share with on Facebook. Learn more.
Mutual friends are the people who are Facebook friends with both you and the person whose Timeline you are viewing. For instance, if you are friends with Chris, and Mark is friends with Chris, then Chris will be shown as a mutual friend when you are viewing Mark’s Timeline.