The Miracle of Mary and the Rosca de Reyes


Chica Rosca de Reyes

Mary Keller was a frugal, single woman. She had grown up without much money and had learned that if she could find a bargain then the world would be safe . These lessons were never lost and one of the reasons Mary had moved to San Miguel was to find the bargains she had read about in Falling in Love with San Miguel. Mary, of course, had joined the Cheap Gang.

She had noticed in early January these cakes being sold in Mega. She didn’t go to Mega very often because it was so expensive.  Yet the cakes seemed to beckon her for some strange reason.  But they were so so beyond the means of someone on social security.

The cakes came in different sizes.  Every day Mary would go to Mega and look at them, hoping that perhaps, there would a sample of this delicious cake or a very small cake for a single, frugal woman.   The sign said Rosca de Reyes but she didn’t understand a word of spanish but she loved the alliteration and wondered who Rosca was and where Reyes was located.  She began to obsess about the Rosca de Reyes.  She would dream each night about taking one home and unwrapping it and eating it all in one sitting.  The red and green on the Rosca de Reyes was so festive.  She searched the Civil List to find out maybe if there might be Rosca de Reyes Discount outlet.  What she found discouraged her.

Here’s the menu for Tuesday dinner at El Manantial tonight, Tuesday,
January 6th:

Queso fundido with rajas, served with fresh corn tortillas

Pollo con mole, served with rice and guacamole

Rosca de Reyes

1 free drink

$130 pesos per person

Bueno provecho!!

She couldn’t afford $130 pesos.

But on January 6th the gods intervened.  Walking home from a free concert she saw a truck selling Rosca de Reyes from the back of the truck and  saw a sign saying Chica 25 pesos.  She knew Chica meant for a frugal single woman so she bought one and rushed home.

She unwrapped her treasure and began to eat until the miracle happened.  She felt something in her mouth that was hard.  She spit it into her hand and looked down to find a small plastic baby.  She started to tremble.  She had just given birth to a plastic baby.  She had never had children and here was her own special plastic baby.  She washed it and wrapped it in a kleenex and went back to eating the cake.  Several minutes later she gave birth to another baby.  It was Twins.  So she propped up her babies against the now almost empty wine bottle and started to cry.


Rosca and Reyes – Birth Pictures

This was another magical moment in San Miguel.  You will find Proud Mary in the Jardin.  If asked, she will show you her plastic babies she keeps in her pocket and relate the miracle of how a Barren Woman gave birth to twins on January 6th 2009.  One is called Rosca and the other Reyes.