This an old post but the truth is still current especially I found after 3 weeks in Morocco

Gangs of San Miguel de Allende

Good Tourist/Bad Tourist

To be a Good Tourist you need to follow these simple rules.

A Good Tourist

Language Rules

  • expects that no one will speak English
  • learns a few expressions such as Thank You and Good Morning in the language of the country they are visiting
  • always carries a phrase book
  • says No hablo Español and not Do you speak English?
  • apologizes for not speaking the language and is very grateful when someone does speak English
  • sees every encounter with a local as an opportunity to practice Spanish

Food Rules

  • eats whatever is put in front of them without complaint
  • is willing to try almost all items on a menu
  • never expects English menus
  • uses the phrase book to translate the menu
  • never wipes the table in a restaurant with a serviette before they eat
  • know when it is appropriate to eat ice and when it isn’t
  • is willing…

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