Gangs of San Miguel de Allende

Dogs are very important in San Miguel. 

With a ratio of six single women to one man, the next best alternative is a dog. 

Living alone changes people but living alone with a dog changes them even more.  Dogs provide structure to life.  They can take an aimless life and give it purpose. 

Walking the dog fills many hours.

But walking the dog requires intuitive listening.  Dogs can sense if a single man is about or if new products have arrived in a store or if a boring friend is close.

A good dog owner listens.

This dog can sense danger ahead and has alerted his owner to what is around the corner to the left.

He knows that the dreaded Emma Simpson is coming up 28 de Abril from her Yoga Class.  He knows Emma upsets his owner, with her talk of renovating her big house.  He knows his owner is…

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