socialism 2Expat residents of San Miguel are Socialists.

Words take on different meanings in San Miguel, once the Magic starts to weave its way into how residents begin to look at the world.  Slowly once you have bought your house and decorated it, you unwittingly start to become a Socialist.

It might start with a little cake brought to your new house by your Expat Neighbor.  It might start with an conversation with someone you meet in a restaurant or at an Art Walk.

Slowly you begin to recognize people on the street or in the Jardin.  At first, you might simply nod but by the 3rd time you have seen them you know you are in a special place.  You are in a social place.

Then you accept your first invitation to a social event.  You are introduced to people.  You hear

We must get together soon.

Email addresses and phone numbers are exchanged.  You are being  pulled into this community.  You are becoming a Socialist.

You start to have your own parties and make others Socialists. 

You begin to brag to friends at home how much of a Socialist you have become since you moved to San Miguel.  They are either horrified or delighted by your move to the left and some begin to say

I don’t now what has happened to Ed and Nancy since they moved to Mexico.  They are now Socialists.