Okay before you get your rug or your pony tail in a twist and break a piece of Mexican Folkart.. this is satire not a serious piece of work on life in Mexico or maybe it is.

All About Me

I notice that the greatest hits on the blog are About. There is a fascination with who I am. Not sure if it residents who are awaiting my return and my execution like Allende or just interest.  I have been called an idiot and a fool and someone who lives in Saskatchewan.  I have been told since I don’t live here I can’t comment but I persist and here are some true facts about me.

  • I am Canadian and don’t live in San Miguel but Toronto.  Yes I am not a resident
  • I am a retired high school teacher (economics and accounting).
  • I have two children and no grandchildren. Yes, my son is Christian Lander who created Stuff White People Like – who has published a book with that title. He lives in Los Angeles with his American wife (who threatens to move to Canada). My other son Aaron lives in Toronto.
  • Marital status – actually widowed but had two wonderful common law relationships that followed the death of my wife in 1992.  It is all an interesting story with a surprise ending.
  • I have been to San Miguel six times. The first time I visited in March 2007 for 10 days. The second was January 1, 2008 for three months.  The third for six weeks starting September 15, 2008.  The fourth started November 13, 2008.  I returned with a car January 2, 2009 for three more month. I returned again December 2010 and stayed six months. Came in February 2011 and again February 2012. I have met the mandatory residency requirement for making comments about San Miguel.
  • I am a member of the Blogging Gang
  • I took Level 1 and 2 and 3, Warren Hardyso I can read signs and talk to Babies
  • I do enjoy San Miguel and this is simply my take on what I saw.  If I didn’t like it here, why would I keep coming back.

Here I am a party on Montes de Oca in February. I don’t know who any of people in the picture are and had a bit of trouble finding myself. (In so many ways). I am one of the old people

Bottom line – this blog gives me fodder to have fun and meet so many interesting bloggers and commenters.   It fills my time and supports my world view.


If you want to contribute to the blog or find something objectionable and want it removed please email me .

If your picture is on here and you have never taken a picture of a citizen of San Miguel  or been a street shooter own a camera then I will remove it. But if you have ever taken a picture of some “interesting local” to show your friends how ‘quaint and colourful’ San Miguel is then I think your picture on here is fair game.

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Richard Lander said:

    I’d suggest you don’t get sarcasm

  2. I have a sense of humor but don’t find your blog amusing. As a single retired woman I was hoping San Miguel would be a bit more sophisticated. There are retirement communities in the US where seniors, especially singles, do act like they’re in high school. I was hoping to get away from that mentality. Perhaps I took your blog too seriously! But it is a little alarming to me!! Have I decided to retire in a beautiful place only to have the same old meantally compromised American seniors bumping in to me on every corner??!

  3. My husband and I have just returned to Australia from a fabulous week in SMA and can’t wait to return!

  4. Thank you for several belly laughs!
    We are new to sma; still learning. The best practical advice I’ve heard is to be home before midnight, eleven is even safer, as most bad things happen between midnight and 2 AM. Also to put inside only bolts on doors

  5. The other day I damn near drowned and nobody from the gang was there to help – I was saved by a Mexican. True story.

  6. Ron Haas said:

    Looking for a gang to hang with. I have through Aug. though may be persuaded to stay longer.

  7. Allison J said:

    I stumbled across your blog while learning about SMA for an upcoming trip.
    It often causes out right laughter, keep it up!!

  8. s riley wilcox said:

    In march I plan to take my 1st trip to sm. I am soon to retire from a long career as a social worker.
    I want to have fun again.
    I am hoping to possibly move there.
    All my stuff is for sale. I have moved and traveled before but this is going to be a tough one.
    I want to change the way I have been living. Sleep again , laugh again. Hopefully I’ll live for it. I liked your blog. I’m not a great correspondent.hate typing.
    Maybe I’ll see you ther in March. Any places u would recommend for a great margeurita.
    I’m sure there are many

  9. i love this stuff, i laughed my ass off ha ha ha. When I move to sm hope I see myself in a gang.

    Thank you for sense of humor!!!!!

  10. your blog is funny, but I see a bit of disappointment.

    What is disappointing? can you enlighten us?

    We are considering a move down there and would love to hear comments. We are older people as well late sixties, do not care for the limelight…..Thanks for any thoughts and ideas, the civil list has been interesting also smiles

  11. i see in the photo above 3 women and 3 men…at my age i never see 3 women and 3 men in the same locale- let alone the same table. i would say the odds are stacked in my favor and i may consider an extended stay in sma

    this blog is refreshing and hi-la-ri-ous!

  12. Richard;

    Do I recognize that poinsettia on the front of your blog?

    Your blog must be read by more people that James Michner’s, South Pacific. Your in-depth coverage, characters and timing are perfect.

    Have you considered rights for a Musical? A tv series? The sets in San Miguel would be brilliant and actual Gang members could audition. Chose your own music or have it written by a new musicians gang. Just a thought.

  13. I think you are hysterical. I live in San Miguel. Don’t know if I am in a gang.
    I have a suggestion for a new gang……decorators who move into houses and live there rent-free in exchange for decorating your house…..but the catch is….they don’t leave.
    Have you heard of this gang?
    Maybe I’m the last to know.

  14. captions to four man caption contest:
    A: i think i’ll go skinny dipping in the fountain

    B: hows about i play my harmonica rendition of “blueberry hill” to cheer him up

    C: oh no, dueling harmonicas

    D: alright….one, two, three…..hit it

  15. Canexicana said:

    “Border promotions” (giving one’s self a career or other sweet upgrade upon crossing the border into Mexico) are alive and well in gringo communities across Mexico. They are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?

  16. I love this concept – current life, previous life, made up life, after life, pre life, pro life. It just goes on and on and reality becomes even further blurred. San Miguel is grand isn’t it. Where else could you have all these past and present lives.

  17. And some people like to call it “In my current life” and “In my previous life”. As in, “In my previous life I was a lawyer in Tucson.”

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